Peripheral Artery/Vascular Disease and Hypertension – My Scary Realization

Disclaimer: I know nothing about either of these subjects other that what I’ve researched the past few weeks. Don’t take any of my ramblings to be any type of medical advice. Rather, the point of this post is what was finally my wakeup call.

Last year around this time I went to the doctor for my annual checkup. The waiting room was really stressful with a screaming child, someone talking about throwing up all night, and a nasty cough. After sitting for over 45 minutes, I was annoyed I had waited so long, stressed out by the screaming child, and felt like I was for sure going to get the cough and stomach bug in the waiting room. In short, it seemed silly to go to the doctor only to become more stressed and get sick. So when I was finally called back, I wasn’t in a good place mentally.

When the nurse took my blood pressure and saw it was high, and then looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to explain how stressed I was, I was even more frustrated. I hate that people can’t understand the situation others are in.

Anyway, the nurse wanted to talk about my high blood pressure. I went home and took my blood pressure several times a day for three or four weeks. It always came in around 105-115/60-75. So definitely low enough. The only time it was high was when I was SUPER-stressed at work. I’d check it and it would be in the 140-150/80-95 range. So obviously stress triggered high blood pressure but it returned to normal when I was relaxed.

Until it didn’t. More


Magnesium – My Dirty Mistress

Magnesium… Oh, magnesium. You’re the one I love to hate. Hate to love. Zac Brown said it best:

And I love you but I leave you
I don’t want you but I need you
You know it’s you who calls me back here, baby

Of course, he was singing about a girl. And I’m singing about magnesium.

So, how did my magnesium get so depleted? I’m not sure. For a long time on and off, I’d randomly get charley horses. In high school I’d occasionally get them in my calves, but more commonly the arches of my feet, during volleyball “hell week.” That was likely mineral depletion due to long practices, tons of sweating in an un-air conditioned gym, and over-working my muscles suddenly. More