Ugh – Walking

I hate walking unless I’m walking with someone. But that’s not the issue here. The issue is with my stamina and walking. WALKING! I can do workout videos that go 45 minutes. I can ride my bike for 2 hours straight. I can lift a good amount of weight for a girl. But walking was winding me today. I decided I can’t have any more of this. It’s embarrassing and makes me feel heavier than I am (which I know is overweight, but I’m not so overweight I can’t walk without getting winded, right?).

I decided I’ve focused so much on upping my biking distance/time/stamina that I haven’t spent any of my summer running or walking. And I think my issue is walking uses different muscles than biking. So it’s official, people! With my 20 mile bike goal met, I need a new goal. So this is my new goal! 5K by October 14th, and I’ll run an official 5K on the 22nd.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve run a 5K before. But I haven’t been able to run one in awhile. I actually enjoy running if I can get into it and do it regularly. For awhile I was only doing Firm videos and jogging 2 miles twice a week. So the increase from 2 miles to 3.1 was a challenge, but not overwhelming.

For this challenge, I’ll be using the famous Couch to 5K program. I’ve used this program before, and it’s what I used as a guideline to meerly get INTO running. A friend of mine told me to go to a track and walk the straights and run the curves. Then when I felt read walk one straight run a curve and a straight and a curve. But it wasn’t really working out because getting to the track was a challenge. So ANOTHER friend told me to use this program and work up to wahtever I wanted to do. At that time it was one single mile. Yes, I was well into my mid-twenties before I ever ran my FIRST mile! Well, wait. I think it was maybe 2003 or 2004.  So 23 to 25. I still remember the first time I made it one mile. It was in my hometown on Main Street! I was like, “Wait! I don’t even need to stop!” At that point I switched to running one city block, walking one city block (in that town blocks were short). Then increased to walking one, running two and so on. Until one day I walked to warm up, then never stopped running. Well, you know, until a mile. It’s not like Im still running right now. Although I wish I were!

And at the time I realized that one mile was such a mental barrier I quickly jumped from one mile up to 1.5, then up to 1.8 (the path I normally ran). And at that point added on some culdesacs to make my distance 2 miles.

So that’s the history of my running.

Not too long ago I ran a full mile, so I know I have that much in me. Then I got distracted by my bike and this heat. But tonight I’d love to go out and see what I can do. I think I’m going to start on week 4 because I’ve found with other times I’ve done this plan that too much walking to jogging transitions give me shin splints. If I can’t do week 4, I’ll fall back to whatever week I think I CAN start with, and get going.

Wish me luck!


Couch to 5K Progress

So, today I’m starting week 3 of the Couch to 5K program. Have I done all of weeks 1 and 2? No, but there’s so much changing between walking and running that it’s painful on the joints, calves and whatever the heck shin splints pains come from… Muscles? I need to check on that.

Anyway, week three there are longer stints of running, which will be hard on the lungs, but the lungs recover faster and don’t hinder workouts as much as all the stop/start of jogging/walking. We’ll see how it goes. For the record, here’s how week three pans out:

Warmup Walk: 5 minutes
Run: 90 seconds
Walk: 90 seconds
Run: 3 minutes
Walk: 3 minutes
Run: 90 seconds
Walk: 90 seconds
Run: 3 minutes
Walk: 3 minutes

Total: 23 minutes

Plus, it’s a relatively short workout. Anyone can power through something for 23 minutes, right? Yeah, hopefully. If I’m not rendered unconscious, I’ll check in later today or tomorrow.

I’m Still Here!

I know I haven’t posted in FOREVER. My life’s been busy. I haven’t been doing The Firm much, but I’ve been walking and trying to get back into the Couch to 5K routine. I’ve also made the commitment to giving up ALL eating out through Lent (minus Sundays). I’m hoping this will give me a better result with weight loss than I’ve seen. I know it’s definitely frustrating to have been watching what I eat, drinking a lot less alcohol, starting to workout more, and to see NO weight drop.

Anyway, I’m still here. HOPEFULLY moving soon, and then my life will settle down. At this point all of my workout videos are packed and my move may have been moved back because of financing issues with the buyer. So, we’ll see!