Firm Express Round Two: Emily’s Cardio

I remembered the first time around this was one of my least favorite videos. I don’t know why, because in general I like cardio, but in this series I REALLY like all of the sculpt videos, and feel like the cardio sculpt videos really take me to the max endurance-wise. The cardio videos almost seem like a break. So that’s not a knock on this specific video, I’ll have to pay closer attention to the other cardio videos in the other cycles. My complaint with this video isn’t with the bursts, I actually really like most of the bursts. But I feel myself getting bored on the cardio sequences in between. The video is described as simple moves you don’t have to learn, which I guess might be where my boredom comes from? I’m not sure. I definitely don’t like dancey workouts because I spend more time stumbling over my feet than getting my heart rate up. I guess I feel like the cardio/non-burst portion of this video wasn’t challenging enough maybe? It’s hard to put my finger on it. However, all that complaining aside, I DO get a good workout by use of the bursts and making some of the other cardio pieces as active as I can.

I think Rebekah’s cycle is next. If I remember right, I really loved her sculpt workout, so I’m looking forward to it. And her screaming.

Firm Express: Accelerate Cycle (Cycle 2) – Sculpt

Well, I took Friday off, worked out Christmas, and took yesterday off. So I was rested and excited to workout again tonight! I rocked Rebeka’s sculpt workout. I think I like Rebekah. These are my first workouts with her. The funny thing she does is say “now listen” as she’s getting ready to switch moves. It makes me laugh, but not as much as her screaming. I did feel like I struggled with the cueing on this workout, but actually REALLY liked it. I was excited to do some real lifting, and hope to have sore legs tomorrow!

Firm Direct: Cycle 2 (Accelerate) – Cardio

All the workouts are starting to blur together. Mostly because I’m going through one a day and am too exhausted after the workout to post the review. But also because the formats are so similar, which I like. I had a hard time staying on cue with this workout for some reason. I THINK it moved at a little faster pace than Emily’s cardio workout, but that could all be in my head. The thing with this workout was it felt like we waited a little longer than normal to do the first burst, and finished the last burst earlier than normal. That could also be in my head, too, but it felt like they were really close together.

There were some standing bursts, which I think I did pretty well with. And then there were some bursts where you go down to the floor. Which I did awful with. I can really feel how overweight I am when I’m trying to get up and down from the floor. The good news is, I’m motivated to keep going. (The bad news is I’m eating terribly, and blaming it on Christmas.)