Does The Firm Express Work?

I know the Firm Express infomercial is out, and since I reviewed the whole workout as I went through the first thirty days, I’ve been getting a lot of hits. So I figured I’d craft a short answer: sort of. I’ve been a Firm Believer since 2002 when I bought my BSS1. I did the same two workouts several times a week until BSS2 came out, and I was hooked!

Since then, The Firm hasn’t put out anything that, for me, has worked as well. Some of their “older Firms” (as we Firmies refer to them) were close, but were criticized for not being as good on your knees because of faster reps and being outdated.

Since BSS1, vie been “chasing the high” of the results of that first set. Have there been good workouts I’ve liked? Yes. But over the past several years I have honestly felt like The Firm has gone “soft” catering to a crowd that wants easier and faster workouts. Where The Firm of yon was for a small subset of exercisers who wanted a harder workout than was ever available. One of the first wimen’s workouts to incorporate weights, they were pioneers. And hit the nail on the head of fitness.

All that said I was intrigued by the Firm Express workouts because I know interval training does burn more fat, and for me, breaks up the workout and makes it more interesting.

But I was skeptical of a twenty minute workout, three times a week. And should have been. For me, a fairly regular workout girl, the workouts were definitely a challenge, but not enough to get the weight off. Many were “stacking” workouts (doing more than one a day, sometimes even three), and most were working out five or six days a week.

And there’s nothing wrong with this. Other than it was NOT as advertised. And the more frustrating part, was the “intermediate” and “advanced” stacking of workouts wasn’t published unless you paid extra for their Firm Believers site. Stupid.

Yes, stupid. Sorry.

What you should probably do if you’re considering buying this workout is consider it four to six workouts. Not thirteen, as advertised. Plan on working out about five days a week for two or three videos (40 or 60 minutes) a day. None of this is bad. That’s about what’s recommended. Most of the videos are fun. I personally prefer the sculpt videos (look back at reviews for specifics) over the other two types. And prefer the three later sets of videos (especially Alison), over Emily’s.

I also vary my routine with walking, jogging, elliptical, other videos (my favorite is Cathe), and yoga. and I lose weight dreadfully slowly. But, I’m also going to disclaim that with, in the case of these videos, I think it will be a rare instance where 20 minutes of anything, three times a week, will be enough to knock off weight. Even if you ran 20 minutes three times a week, I’d recommend 30-40 minutes of weights at least twice a week…

So there’s that. Questions? Ask! And if you want more soecifics on each workout or the overall oacakge, check back other posts!