Firm Express Infomercial

OK, I obviously don’t need to buy the Firm Express, but for some reason was intrigued to see the infomercial. I LOVED the BSS1 infomercial back in 2002. Loved it. Watched it over and over and over. Same thing for BSS2. But since I don’t know if I’ve even seen the infomercials. Maybe for The Wave? So I wanted to see the FE infomercial. Until I just went to and saw a clip of it… Is it me, or does it feel scripted? I bet it’s because I already own the workouts.

I mean, I get that the instructors are supposed to say certain things. But, really, they’re MASTER INSTRUCTORS, they live their lives for this stuff. Just ask them questions and let them answer for real. Again, probably just me.

Has anyone actually seen the infomercial? I don’t have cable, and the schedule posted said it’s only on cable channels. I wish I could find it online, but I can’t.

On a potentially related note, I plan to do a Firm video tomorrow night. Which one should I do? Leaning toward Body Sculpt (BSS1 workout).