GMAFR – Day 1.5

Last night I rode fifteen miles on my bike. It was easily over 100 degrees, and I’ve never gone that far. So it was a challenge. My legs actually felt really good, but I got hot. Fast. When we turned to go the other direction I started to feel my hamstrings and glutes tense. I could temporarily stretch them by standing on one leg. They’d feel good for a second, then feel even more tired than before. When we finished riding it was getting dark and I didn’t feel awesome, so I didn’ stretch. Just strapped my bike to my car and headed home.

Big mistake. Big. Huge. ;-)

I got home and my glutes and hamstrings (and most specifically the part where the two connect) were tensed up like a charlie horse. It felt fine to walk on flat ground, but man, when I tried to go up my stairs? I felt like I wasn’t going to make it. I laid on my floor and tried to stretch, but everything was all tensed up. I finally took some ibuprofen and was able to stretch a little then realized I hadn’t taken my magnesium since Sunday. Eureka! I’ve been taking magnesium for just a few weeks, and bought it to deal with “muscle inflammation.” I tell you what, that was my saving grace last night to finally be able to get a little sleep. I took one more this morning, and feel pretty good.

I also watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” last night on Netflix. A few years ago a professional acquaintance I have asked me if I juiced and I said no. And she said, “Oh, not yet? You will.” I thought that was a little presumptuous. I’ve been making fruit smoothies in the mornings with frozen bananas and whatever fruit is on sale/in season, and I always think, “If I had a juicer, I could even throw in some veggies.” But her comment has made me not want to do it. Well, no more! That show has turned me around, and I want to get a juicer now. I don’t want to go on a juice fast (like they do on the show), but I swear those smoothies are the best thing I’ve done in the mornings. It’s all fruit and a little bit of an energy drink for liquid (although if I had juice of veggies, I wouldn’t need the energy drink for liquid). I try to do the more nutrient-dense foods, or power foods, like blueberries and strawberries. So adding in greens is probably the one thing I’m missing. I just need to pick out a juicer!

Well, that’s all. It was the end of a good day. I’m excited to see what day 2 brings!


GMAFR – Day 1

Since I can’t afford to go to Green Mountain at Fox Run, I’ve decided to try a few things over the past week and see how they work. Talking about why I did or didn’t eat something (since my over-eating seems to be based on emotions), discussing where I’m at emotionally a certain day, and overall how well I’ve done at being as healthy as I can be.

Awhile ago I tried to switch to eating at least “the dirty dozen” organically. My goal was two-fold:

  1. To get the most nutrients I could out of a food. Organic foods are touted as more nutrient-dense because of the way they’re raised. Who knows if this is true. But at least my body wouldn’t be processing the pesticides in lieu of nutrients.
  2. At the very least, my body wouldn’t be processing the pesticides, which I’m convinced are causing a lot of cancer and other issues in our bodies. I mean, our bodies aren’t made to ingest these things. Back in “the day” we would have called in poison control if we drank bug or weed killer! ;-)

So, here I am, day one. I had a fairly healthy breakfast. I had an egg from the farmer’s market. Who knows if these eggs are laden with hormones. But at least they’re locally grown. The yolk didn’t look disturbingly more organge than a “normal” store egg. And the shell wasn’t significantly tougher. Both alleged signs the eggs are healthier. But they’re local. So I’ll take that. A small 100% whole wheat bagel. A piece of turkey sausage. And some Raisin Bran with a little bit of All Bran. Why did I make these choices? Well, I normally do the egg/sausage/bagel thing instead of hitting McDonalds for one of my favorite breakfasts. I figure at least I’m getting whole wheat and turkey sausage. Plus, plenty of protein. And I either do the cereal for the fiber punch to keep me full. Or I’ll do a fruit smoothie with all fruits (frozen banana as the base of the smoothie – usually mixed with berries and other on-sale, in-season fruits) and maybe a little energy drink. I feel healthy drinking down that fruit smoothie. And sometimes will thrown in a handful of All Bran for the same fiber bang for my buck. Assuming I give myself time for breakfast, this is normally where I do well.

Lunch today? A burger and sweet potato fries. Yes, you just read that. The only good thing about this choice is it’s a local burger place that grinds their own meat and hand cuts their fries. That’s about all I can give myself credit for. I DIDN’T eat until I was miserable. And I threw over half of the fries away because they weren’t awesome (hey, I like my fries crispy!). But why did I end up eating out? I almost alway bring my lunch? Simple, not enough planning. And it was planned lack of planning. I had some frozen meals (my own meals, not store-bought) in the freezer. NOTHING sounded good. I’m on a post-vacation slump. And I think I felt like this lunch was my “reward” for going back to work. I dread work. Loathe it. And I did NOT want to come back. So I looked forward to this “splurge” at lunch. The only good thing is I haven’t been hungry all afternoon. Normally when I bring my lunch I’m hungry within an hour. But I feel like I should analyze this meal more than I am. But I think the bottom line is it was an emotional reward. Now, how do I decide if this is bad? I think the best solution is to find something healthy for dinner and not blow the whole day or week because of one less than healthy meal.

Tonight I’m going to try to bike 15 miles. Normally 15 miles will be a feat. But in this heat, it’s probably borderline dangerous. But I want to do it. I’m on a path to conquering the bike path, and want to do that this month! So I’ll have to figure out something healthy to eat after my bike ride. My fridge is fairly baren because I was out of town all last week. But there will be options, I just need to make the healthiest choice!