Lab-Grown Meat – Food Is More Than A Sum Of Its Parts

Today I’d like to vent about the mixed signal the “health” industry sends. Even those alternative health people who claim to be outside the norm. Those who tell us to question everything. Those who say conventional wisdom is wrong and we are mislead. And those who say that real food and nutrition is the answer to our problems. This is sweeping, and it’s coming to you as a vent because I’m so sick of Internet bullying!

I was following this group/page about gut health. I don’t even remember the name because I’d just started following it a few weeks ago, and I un-followed it without much thought of sharing the page with anyone else. Mostly because, well, no one needs to be talked down to or bullied. And I know the owner of the page would say she was just opening up discussion and found it “interesting” and “intriguing” (both annoying words she’d keep saying after talking down to the responders).

First, I should mention, I should have un-followed this page almost immediately. Right after I started following the page, she posted something about what is the leading cause of constipation (according to a new study). And rather than giving the answer quickly, she let commenters argue over it. For hours and hour. Finally I went out and googled the research. And then she flippantly replies later, like it was an after-thought, but posting a link to her own page (and not the study). Don’t have a page offering health advice if you’re not going to give it, or hold it back so that those who read the info but don’t get the right answer read the misinformed comments. And THEN you still don’t link to the study, you’re only using it to prop up views on your personal page.

Like I said, my fault. I should have followed my instincts and un-followed then.