Magnesium – My Dirty Mistress

Magnesium… Oh, magnesium. You’re the one I love to hate. Hate to love. Zac Brown said it best:

And I love you but I leave you
I don’t want you but I need you
You know it’s you who calls me back here, baby

Of course, he was singing about a girl. And I’m singing about magnesium.

So, how did my magnesium get so depleted? I’m not sure. For a long time on and off, I’d randomly get charley horses. In high school I’d occasionally get them in my calves, but more commonly the arches of my feet, during volleyball “hell week.” That was likely mineral depletion due to long practices, tons of sweating in an un-air conditioned gym, and over-working my muscles suddenly. More


GMAFR – Day 1.5

Last night I rode fifteen miles on my bike. It was easily over 100 degrees, and I’ve never gone that far. So it was a challenge. My legs actually felt really good, but I got hot. Fast. When we turned to go the other direction I started to feel my hamstrings and glutes tense. I could temporarily stretch them by standing on one leg. They’d feel good for a second, then feel even more tired than before. When we finished riding it was getting dark and I didn’t feel awesome, so I didn’ stretch. Just strapped my bike to my car and headed home.

Big mistake. Big. Huge. ;-)

I got home and my glutes and hamstrings (and most specifically the part where the two connect) were tensed up like a charlie horse. It felt fine to walk on flat ground, but man, when I tried to go up my stairs? I felt like I wasn’t going to make it. I laid on my floor and tried to stretch, but everything was all tensed up. I finally took some ibuprofen and was able to stretch a little then realized I hadn’t taken my magnesium since Sunday. Eureka! I’ve been taking magnesium for just a few weeks, and bought it to deal with “muscle inflammation.” I tell you what, that was my saving grace last night to finally be able to get a little sleep. I took one more this morning, and feel pretty good.

I also watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” last night on Netflix. A few years ago a professional acquaintance I have asked me if I juiced and I said no. And she said, “Oh, not yet? You will.” I thought that was a little presumptuous. I’ve been making fruit smoothies in the mornings with frozen bananas and whatever fruit is on sale/in season, and I always think, “If I had a juicer, I could even throw in some veggies.” But her comment has made me not want to do it. Well, no more! That show has turned me around, and I want to get a juicer now. I don’t want to go on a juice fast (like they do on the show), but I swear those smoothies are the best thing I’ve done in the mornings. It’s all fruit and a little bit of an energy drink for liquid (although if I had juice of veggies, I wouldn’t need the energy drink for liquid). I try to do the more nutrient-dense foods, or power foods, like blueberries and strawberries. So adding in greens is probably the one thing I’m missing. I just need to pick out a juicer!

Well, that’s all. It was the end of a good day. I’m excited to see what day 2 brings!