Losing Motivation

Try as I might, I can’t regain motivation to do Firm Express. I really want to. My irritation came this week when The Firm posted asking people where they’re at in their rotations and a bunch of people said they weren’t seeing results. Many people were asking about the routines housed on the Firm site (which you can get online if you’re creative, BTW). And rather than posting the freaking rotations, they said that they’re something special for those paying for the Firm site. What? The stupid Firm instructors didn’t even make up the routines. Firm Believers (the people who have access to their site) did. And what’s more, people have paid upwards of $100 (or more!) for this routine, and are being denied a calendar of HOW to do the routine? Come on, Firm. Get it together. You’re losing more customers over this than anything. At this point, I have no plans of ever purchasing another Firm product.

That really shouldn’t sway me from doing The Firm as it stands, but somehow it is. I don’t want them to take credit for my hard work, especially when they’re being so greedy about it. The routines didn’t cost them a thing to make. And, frankly, who REALLY thought someone who works out regularly would see results in 20 minutes 3 times a week? I’m eating no more than I was when I started working out (and probably, in all honesty, better and less). And was doing 4-5 workouts a week. What are my results? NONE. ZERO. NADA. I know I need to step up my routine, but there’s not really any support for that. Why don’t they help some of us in-betweeny people bridge the gap between doing one and stepping up to two workouts a day? I personally feel like I CAN’T do two workouts, but maybe I can? And if I do two in a day, should I do two sculpt workouts, etc.? I’ve seen all of the calendars, and honestly, the intermediate calendar is a LOT more than the beginner calendar. You’re doing two workouts, five days a week.

Finally, after a lot of complaining and people who are paying subscribers to the additional board saying they don’t care if the calendars are shared, they posted a “beginner 2” workout schedule. Which was laughable. All it was was the 3X a week program, smushed into 5 days a week. Same order as the original. ANd then the final week was a random mix of workouts.

How is that helpful?? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be a complainer. But I want to get from doing one workout 4-5 days a week to somehow up to that intermediate level, and I can’t seem to do it. And if The Firm can’t help me, then I’ll do it on my own. And won’t purchase their products again.

It’s “the principle” of the thing that gets me more than the fact that, yes, I COULD make my own calendar. It floors me that The Firm doesn’t think the average person who paid $120 (because I think that’s the price if you weren’t a member of the board – I personally joined the board just to get the discounted purchase price, and wish I’d canceled in the first 30 days now) doesn’t deserve a little help getting over their fitness humps. It’s like they WANT us to stay fat/unhealthy.

End of vent. I apologize for being overly whiney.