Firm Express Round 2: Rebekah’s Sculpt

I did Emily’s cardio/sculpt on Saturday but forgot to post about it, so I don’t have a lot of feedback to give other than it was pretty challenging this time around, too. Especially since I’m trying to up the weights I’m using. The cardio in one segment plus challenging weights means the workouts seem even harder this time around (although I think I’ll stand by that I feel like my endurance has improved, even though my weight/measurements haven’t). I’ll also re-commit to my statement that the sculpt videos in this series are my FAVORITE. I love them. And Rebekah’s workout isn’t an exception. This workout was built to be able to heavy up on weights, and I did. I used mostly 10s and 12s, but ended up back down at 5s for the one burst that used weights (it was like a side lunge or something). I felt like I was out of control already and adding weights was only making it scarier.


Firm Express: Overdrive (Cycle 4) – Sculpt

Well, here we are, the last week of the program! I rushed through it (rather than doing 3 workouts per week, I’ve been doing 4-5), so I’m not literally on my fourth week. But last night I did the first workout of the final (Overdrive) week. I am 99% sure I’ve never done a workout with Kelsie, but let me be the first to say, LOVE HER!


Update: I’m SORE!

Yay! Kudos to Alison for giving me my first REAL sore from Firm Express. I know I can probably be blamed for that. And the first two cycles I was really struggling to even get through the workouts. I guess this means I’m starting to workout harder, or the workouts are getting harder. I think I’m going to try cycle 4’s cardio tonight. I should probably take a day off, but we’ll see how it goes!

Firm Express: Accelerate Cycle (Cycle 2) – Sculpt

Well, I took Friday off, worked out Christmas, and took yesterday off. So I was rested and excited to workout again tonight! I rocked Rebeka’s sculpt workout. I think I like Rebekah. These are my first workouts with her. The funny thing she does is say “now listen” as she’s getting ready to switch moves. It makes me laugh, but not as much as her screaming. I did feel like I struggled with the cueing on this workout, but actually REALLY liked it. I was excited to do some real lifting, and hope to have sore legs tomorrow!

Firm Express Cycle One: Ignite – Sculpt

Well, I over-estimated how in shape I am. Either that or these workouts are really tough! Fair disclaimer, in had several drinks last night. But there was a day when I could go for a run and once I broke a sweat, I’d feel fine. Of course I was in better shape then.

Anyway, for those of you looking for a review, I LOVED the workout! The bursts were challenging, but went relatively quickly. I love Emily, so I’m glad she was the first instructor. You start out with a warmup, then go into the first set of bursts. Each set of bursts has four eight second bursts. Each burst is followed by a 12 second recovery. Which means each burst set is 80 seconds total.

So, you do a set of bursts, then move into standing strength moves. This is followed by another standing burst. Then standing and floor work (I think – it all happened so fast!). Then a floor burst. Then standing strength. A final standing burst, in which I swear they have electronically sped up the instructors’ moves! And then you finish with floor/abs and back. Then a very brief stretch.

Overall? I loved it. It went really quickly. I love, love, love the bursts! Love them! I used to do interval running/walking because it was supposed to burn more fat than just straight walking. This reminds me of a similar setup.

I’m going to take some pictures and post an overview of what comes in the package, a few alternative ways to use the system, etc. But that’s gonna have to wait! :)

Anyone else out there doing this workout? If so, where are you in the series/what are you doing?

Oh, I’ll also be posting my starting numbers. Ugh.