Firm Express Round 2: Rebekah’s Cardio/Sculpt

I rocked out to Rebekah’s cardio/sculpt video last night. I definitely like just the sculpt one better. I can’t figure out what I miss with the cardio sections. I LOVE the bursts, and love the weights stuff, but some of the cardio stuff seems to drag on. I wish I could do sculpt videos every workout, and that’s what I’d do. But I think my muscles would get over-fatigued. Or! I wish there were a workout that had the burst 8/12 and then a one or two minute recovery, then burst again. All cardio. Anyway, I’m digressing. I don’t DISLIKE the videos, I still love that they’re 20 minutes, but I find myself getting bored/distracted with the cardio stuff.

However, I also found myself REALLY breathless for parts of this video. Especially transitioning from a burst right into weights. And while there were some awkward moves (some of the lunges feel awkward to me), and I struggled with coordination on one of the bursts, overall it was a good workout.

Up next? I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’m set to do cardio tonight (as I was last night), but I might end up throwing in a different video. We’ll see.


Firm Express Round 2: Rebekah’s Sculpt

I did Emily’s cardio/sculpt on Saturday but forgot to post about it, so I don’t have a lot of feedback to give other than it was pretty challenging this time around, too. Especially since I’m trying to up the weights I’m using. The cardio in one segment plus challenging weights means the workouts seem even harder this time around (although I think I’ll stand by that I feel like my endurance has improved, even though my weight/measurements haven’t). I’ll also re-commit to my statement that the sculpt videos in this series are my FAVORITE. I love them. And Rebekah’s workout isn’t an exception. This workout was built to be able to heavy up on weights, and I did. I used mostly 10s and 12s, but ended up back down at 5s for the one burst that used weights (it was like a side lunge or something). I felt like I was out of control already and adding weights was only making it scarier.


Firm Express Round Two: Emily’s Cardio

I remembered the first time around this was one of my least favorite videos. I don’t know why, because in general I like cardio, but in this series I REALLY like all of the sculpt videos, and feel like the cardio sculpt videos really take me to the max endurance-wise. The cardio videos almost seem like a break. So that’s not a knock on this specific video, I’ll have to pay closer attention to the other cardio videos in the other cycles. My complaint with this video isn’t with the bursts, I actually really like most of the bursts. But I feel myself getting bored on the cardio sequences in between. The video is described as simple moves you don’t have to learn, which I guess might be where my boredom comes from? I’m not sure. I definitely don’t like dancey workouts because I spend more time stumbling over my feet than getting my heart rate up. I guess I feel like the cardio/non-burst portion of this video wasn’t challenging enough maybe? It’s hard to put my finger on it. However, all that complaining aside, I DO get a good workout by use of the bursts and making some of the other cardio pieces as active as I can.

I think Rebekah’s cycle is next. If I remember right, I really loved her sculpt workout, so I’m looking forward to it. And her screaming.

Firm Express Round 2: Emily’s Sculpt

I hate having to look up the name of each cycle every time I do a workout, so from now on I’m referring to them by the instructor. I think this is probably how the average person will refer to them anyway… I’m doing all of the workouts a second time thru, and hope to give more feedback than, “I didn’t throw up!”

Tonight I saw the return of Emily. And with the running shorts I just bought vowed to step it up another notch with weights (mostly because I feel like I’m already maxed cardio-wise).

Firm Express Round 2: Pump It Up

Tonight I started round two. I’ve been cooking for a few hours today and have been including cooking in workout time because it’s not only a cheaper, healthier way to cook, but also better than sitting around watching TV.

Firm Express: Overdrive Cycle (Cycle 4) – Cardio/Sculpt

Well, I did it! I finished all of the workouts! Someone drop balloons and confetti from the ceiling! OK, it’s not like I’m DONE with the workouts, just made it through all of them the first time, and am excited to see how much improvement I see the next time around. Tonight was Kelsie’s cardio/sculpt workout.

Firm Express: Overdrive (Week 4) – Cardio

I think I already said yesterday that I haven’t ever done one of Kelsie’s workouts, but I love her! I wanted to say it again if I didn’t make that clear! Tonight was her cardio video. I was amped that it is a kickboxing workout! So fun!


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