“The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.” -Carl Sandburg

I LOVE this quote. I think it applies to almost everything in your life. Whether it’s going back to school, leaving an unhealthy relationship, starting a workout routine, eating healthier, etc. In my case, this applies mostly to eating well and sticking to working out. Well, I actually mostly don’t mind working out, when I do it just to do it, and not to lose weight. It’s when I focus on losing weight (and don’t lose it) that I tend to get in a workout funk.

My problem is consistently eating healthy stuff and in healthy portions. And most of the time I feel like I’ll start tomorrow, or next Monday, or next month, or after a holiday, vacation or social gathering, etc. But the truth is, the time to start being healthy is NOW. Even if I have a splurge of a dinner planned tomorrow night. I can eat five healthy meals and several snacks in the meantime. Even if I decided to have a burger and fries for lunch doesn’t mean I can’t get back on track, have a healthy afternoon snack and make a healthy dinner.

And for me, meal planning is key. I don’t keep a ton of food in my house, so I buy pretty much as I cook. Living alone, it’s quick to discover I’ll either waste it, or over-eat it. And I definitely don’t want to make meals comprised primarily of foods that can sit in a cabinet for months without going bad. So I have to organize myself to get the right fruits and veggies. Enough to make my meals and eat for snacks, but not so much I waste.

It’s a balancing act. And one I’m getting better at!

In this case, I have a vacation coming up (in 42 days!). So the time for working out and eating right is now. I should enjoy the trip regardless of my weight. But let’s be honest. Dropping a few pounds will make me like pictures from the trip more, will make me look forward to shopping for some new outfits to wear while there, and most importantly, will give me a little more confidence in a bathing suit.

So in the meantime, when I’m tempted to lose focus, even just for this meal, just for today, or even give up all together, I have to remember. The time for action is NOW!


“Rule your mind or it will rule you.” -Horace

I’m a total control freak. So to consider my inability to lose weight a failure to rule or control my mind is a big slap in the face. But, I guess it’s true, isn’t it? That and in so many other ways, I let my mind rule me. Mostly it degrades my confidence in myself and those around me.

I’ve been making a conscious effort to be more positive lately. And now I need to make more of an effort to realize I have more power than my mind (or specifically my cravings and desires for short-term satisfaction) have over me.

I need to realize I CAN do this. I CAN stick to a healthier way of life as a rule. And I DO have control over my mind, my food intake, getting my workouts in, etc. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but I do have to consciously take control of my destiny.