“You must act as if it’s impossible to fail.” -Ashanti Proverb

Have you ever had those friends who EVERYTHING goes right for? No matter where they turn, it works out. I have a friend who ALWAYS got the guy, got a full ride to college (and talked that guy into majoring in the same thing as her – meaning they spent all of their time together, fell in love, got married), has always found good jobs, gotten into graduate school, has a beautiful house, and a great job. I know all of these are just things. But many of my friends are trying to do the same thing. After I stepped back and started watching her, I realized she did it because she acted as if there were no other path for her. I’ve never seen her waver in her faith in herself. And never seen her fail.

This can either be annoying or motivating. On some levels it’s annoying, but we won’t discuss those. After awhile┬áI started applying the same principle to my life. And it works!

And the first time I lost weight, I applied it. In subsequent times, I’d lost that faith in myself because I’d gained back the weight with less effort than it takes to think about losing weight. But this time, I’ve decided, no matter what, I’m doing this. AND I’m not gaining it back this time. I know those are big words. And in other instances, they’ve been said but shrouded with doubt. Not this time!

Why can I do it?

  • It’s a simple plan, really. Make healthy decisions (eating, getting sleep), do healthy things (exercise, cook for myself) and think healthy (relaxation, make time for myself).
  • Many people live the same life, putting themselves and their health first. Because, after all, this is MY life.
  • Many people have lost and kept the weight off. I can do the same.
  • When motviation runs out, habit kicks in.
  • While there will be times to celebrate and cheat, focus on not over-doing it and getting back on the wagon. Immediately.

There are so many reasons I can do it. Even more I want to do it. And endless reasons I should do it. And knowing that it’s impossible to fail, helps me stay focused on doing just that.